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Here is the step-by-step tutorial

Make sure that all the information imported from your store is correct. Click the Edit Information Button to update some information. To sync properly, some values will not be editable. These values will come directly from your plugin settings so make sure to change them before connecting to if they need to be updated

After choosing the financial institution you would like to connect, you will be asked to forward an email to test that the information received will be extracted as expected.

A unique email ***** is generated for you. This is where you need to forward the most recent email receipt you received from your financial institution and wait for to do its magic.

Note: Receiving the email and extracting the transaction information usually takes around 30s

If you do not follow all instructions, the email sent will not be processed for safety reasons.

For example, if you received a receipt from to your email and instead you forward an email from, then it will be not be processed.

Note: For safety, emails coming from the wrong sender are ignored.

Make sure to read the sender and receiver information before forwarding the email.

First, view all emails to see if the email was received.

If an email you forwarded was not received, make sure you forwarded it to the corresponding **** address linked to your financial institution.

Second make sure the email forwarded came from the institution linked to that email you forwarded it to.

If your site is down at the moment when we are sending the transaction details to your site, or something else happens that prevents the integration to fully transfer the data, you will see the details in the response received.

Also the free versions of plugins/extensions only receive the receipts and store them in your store. You will also receive notes of what is going on when tries to send transaction information to your site. 

You need a PRO plugin extension to fully update orders. 

Note: Make sure to always update your plugins to the latest maintained versions.

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